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The Eraseher Series

"I was desperate for him and he yearned for me... But how could he trust me if I couldn't even trust myself?"

Seven years after a collapse in society, Kaleah is tired of running from both sides of an endless war. No longer able to bear the loneliness and internal dialog that have become her only companions, she pretends to be a spy and gives herself up, hoping for a quick, merciful death.

Things quickly become complicated when neither she nor her Capture Agent, Jake, get who they expected. Not far into her self-inflicted death march, a forbidden love is unintentionally sparked as Kaleah’s captor soon becomes captivated by her. With a twist of fate, now the discovery of each other’s ghosts and inner demons threaten to tear them apart. Is the love between them strong enough to unravel a hidden past and forge a new future all while overcoming secrets, suspicion, and betrayal?

Author Sara Nichol Quincy The ERASEHER Series

Battling Broken Shadows - Book 1

Finding Fallen Angels - Book 2

"I wanted to talk to him. I wanted to tell Jake that I loved him, as well as so many other things, but I couldn’t. This was the end, and I knew it."

In an attempt to evade the factions hunting them, Eva (Kaleah) and Jake seek refuge in a mysterious land of dangers and dark secrets. As Jake searches for medicine and Kaleah fights a dangerous infection, her new caretaker makes his move, threatening Jake and Kaleah’s fragile relationship. Jealousy and conspiracy run rampant and danger lurks in the shadows. The lines between friend, foe, and lover start to blur as Kaleah’s reality becomes largely based on who she chooses to believe. Will she escape with the love of her life or will she escape at all?


“Sometimes we have to sacrifice what we want most for the ones we love… Even if the thing we want most, we can’t live without.”

New York isn’t anything like Kaleah thought it would be and neither is Jake’s wealthy family. At least, now she’s safe… or is she? Hiding in plain sight, Kaleah is submerged in high society expectations, with dire consequences if anyone finds out who she really is. She doesn’t feel like she fits in anywhere and that in itself quickly becomes more dangerous than either of them could have imagined. The discovery of Jake’s past sheds new light on his motivations while Jake’s ex-fiancee, Kat, makes every effort to win him back, even if it costs Kaleah her life. With tormenting voices from without and within, Kaleah struggles to navigate this new world of dangers while trying to stay a step ahead of the skeletons that lurk in her closet.

Author Sara Nichol Quincy The ERASEHER Series

Hearing Hidden Voices - Book 3

“I wanted to believe that the man I loved wasn’t working for my enemy. But I still had so many secrets, how could I trust that he didn’t have one of his own?”

Captured… Now what? Eva (Kaleah) didn’t know what she didn’t know, but now that she does her captors may have bitten off more than they can chew. Employing her skills of deception and manipulation, she leads the Flexmen on a wild goose chase to serve her own purposes. Can she find Jake? If she does, can she still trust him? How much could revenge ultimately cost her? Yet again, she isn’t who she, or Jake, thought she was. The revelation of her true origins changes everything but is it too late for her to escape this tangled web of lies, secrets, and betrayal?


Weaving Whispered Secrets - Book 4 

“Having my memories taken was like losing my soul while my heart continued to beat. Without them, I could no longer love, because the person I thought I was, was no longer me.”

With her full identity known and her secrets on display, what should be the safest place for Eva (Kaleah) is quickly proven to be just another nest of vipers. Everyone knows she has the intel and everyone wants it. In Jake’s absence, Eva’s training takes over with surprising and unintended consequences. As new suitors flock to her side, ambition and manipulation lace every interaction. Does Jake love her enough to put her happiness first, even if it means seeing her in another man’s arms? Will Eva’s heart find its way to the forever she really wants? Hearts break and new love grows as old enemies are confronted and Kaleah takes control of her future.

Author Sara Nichol Quincy The ERASEHER Series

Seizing Shattered Promises - Book 5

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