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It takes more than just some schooling to be a great inspector. It takes passion and commitment as well as years of experience with homes and construction in general. Frankie has been the owner and operator of Courtyard Estates, LLC since 2008 and the maintenance coordinator of GK Properties, LLC for 8 years. He managed both companies along with all the maintenance on multiple rental properties. He has also been in multiple construction trades for the last 14 years and has been involved in flipping houses. Most recently before starting his own business he was the employee trainer of a local construction/electrical company. He has personal hands on experience with not only how a house is built but how a house is maintained. Years of experience have taught him what to look for when it comes to inspecting a property. Let him help you seek out the hidden defects in your home!

Man with Crossed Arms
Frankie Smith
Owner and Lead Inspector


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