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I designed Handy Burp’ems after my first son was born. He had horrible reflux and I was suffering from an allergic reaction that caused my hands to severely blister under the skin. The pain was so intense I had to create something that protected us both from being covered in spit up. That’s how Handy Burp’ems were born, but due to major heartbreak, I had to put my dream on hold. My husband suddenly passed away due to a blood clot while undergoing chemotherapy. 

Our hearts were completely broken. Our children were little, only seven-, five- and two-years-old. Needless to say, just getting up and living each day with a broken heart was tough enough, I still had two businesses to run so I was able to provide for my family.

My biggest priority was helping my children deal with the grief of losing their dad as I was dealing with my own. He was our world. My husband had a Kiddie Cuts™ hair salon he just opened and I had my licensed daycare business. I had to put something on hold and it was the Handy Burp'ems®.

My husband was my biggest fan. He was the one who pushed me to turn my Handy Burp'ems® into a business. He helped me with the paperwork for the patent before he got sick. It was a very emotional and bittersweet moment when I received the patent in the mail after he passed away. He would have been SO proud of me!

I never let my Handy Burp'ems® dream go, though. It's been a dim fire inside me. I want my kids to know that their mom never gave up on her dream and that she never quit. I hope they learn that when you follow your heart AND work hard, anything is possible. I hope you love Handy Burp'ems® as much as I do!

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