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Why Me? 

With over 25 years of financial reporting with a major international oil company, the skill sets I developed, coupled with my interpersonal skills found their perfect match in real estate working with buyers and sellers.

But Why Me? People generally buy or sell homes because of a life event. Birth of a child, job promotion, a marriage, the death of a loved one, a divorce, maybe an unexpected job loss. It is an honor to be your trusted advisor to accompany you during this intimate journey.

EXPECTATIONS: From the beginning, you'll know what you can expect from me and what I can expect from you. 

COMMUNICATIONS: Be it good news, bad news, or no news, you will be on top of the latest information. Communicating with you using your preferred style--text, e-mail, or phone. You decide.


NEGOTIATIONS: Trained as a Master Certified Negotiation Expert®, you can be confident I'll be prepared for negotiating contract terms and repair requests.

SATISFACTION: Exceptional service. Repeat clients and referrals are how I build my business. Your satisfaction is my number one goal!

RESOURCES: Need a recommendation for a lender, home stager, repairman, etc.? I've got you covered.

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