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Equipped with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Master’s Degrees in Counseling and Social Work, and a Doctorate in Social Work, supplemented by Post Graduate Certification in Psychotherapy, Dr. Cheryl enjoyed a career of 40 + years as a clinician in mental health settings, schools and a private practice in psychotherapy. This knowledge and expertise was complemented when she joined the John Maxwell Team as a certified coach, inspirational speaker and trainer, in support of her work with individuals around personal and professional goal-setting, leadership and workplace challenges. Her speaking engagements focus on various topics which arise from her many years of practice. 



Dr. Cheryl guides her clients in mindset shifting and raising their awareness of underlying issues which drive their behaviors, ultimately replacing behaviors which do not serve them in attaining their stated personal and professional goals.


                                              is bold and adventurous, inquisitive by   nature, with a                     penchant for asking “Why?”  She has an instinctive                        feeling and belief that everyone has a purpose and every action has a reason; her natural inclination is to explore beyond the obvious.  This incessant need to discover, and be more, led her to take the bold step to leave her native Panama for the U. S. after graduation from high school, to pursue post-secondary education.  Her quest to discover and become more was greater than any fear or uncertainty of leaving home for the first time to live among strangers on a university campus in the Mid-West.                                                                                       

This persistence, despite personal challenges, has been rewarded with success, personal growth and a strong desire to help others face  challenges, question and overcome their self-limiting beliefs.  “Dr. Cheryl’s” fascination with human behavior further motivates her to guide and inspire others to find their “WHY” and experience their best self.   



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